4 Easy Ways to Save Your Vision!

March is Save Your Vision month, and we have 4 easy ways in which you can keep your eyes and vision as healthy as possible!

Downsizing For Assisted Living: How Seniors Can Make The Transition Smoothly

Read on for the best ways to downsize in preparation for moving into an assisted living facility.

Avoid Catching the Common Cold & Flu this Season

Besides receiving the flu shot, practicing cleanliness and good eating habits is key.

5 Tips for Adding a Little More Health to Your Happy Holidays!

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help keep your holidays happy AND healthy! There’s no reason why you can’t make the most out of your holiday season while also keeping yourself feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the new year.

Sickle Cell Anemia—Battling an Invisible Disease

Sickle Cell Anemia, can be particularly painful, devastating, and frustrating, especially in a world where many on the outside simply don’t understand the severity or trauma such an illness brings. This week we had the honor of getting a firsthand accoun

Get the Stress Out of Here! 10 Tips for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

You don’t have to be a victim to stress! Use these ten tips from our friends at Liberty Insurance to help control the stress in your life.

5 Ways to Take Your Breast Cancer Risk into Your Own Hands

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want you to be armed and prepared with 5 things you can do to take your risk for developing breast cancer into your own hands.

Fitting in Some Fitness – Quick and Effective Exercises for Busy Healthcare Professionals!

In honor of the upcoming National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, we’re giving you some ideas for quick ten-minute exercises that you can fit into any busy day!

Ergonomics in Healthcare – Tips to Prevent Workplace Injuries!

Make your health and safety a top priority while caring for others, and use these helpful tips from our friends at Liberty Insurance Agency along the way!

An Up-Close View of Living & Coping with Psoriasis

For Psoriasis Awareness Month, we are digging deeper, and getting an up-close perspective on what it’s actually like to struggle and cope with the disease, and everything that goes with it.