Easy Signs That Show You’re Ready for a Job Change

Nearly every professional will face a time in their lives when they question whether or not they’re in the right profession or in the right job. Unfortunately, many nurses will mistakenly confuse challenges with burnout for feeling like they need to shake up their career. If you feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, it may be time to reduce your stress level before you make any significant changes.

However, if you don’t feel like burnout is triggering a desire for a change in your job or career, it might be time to ask some of the tough questions. It’s important you answer the questions honestly since the only person who’s affected negatively by lying is you.

Are You Really Clear About What You Want Short-and Long-Term in Your Career?

You might know what you don’t want and not have a good feeling for what you do want. Ask yourself, what’s your long-term vision for your life and your profession and does that integrate well with your values in your ideal work environment. Sometimes, you feel like you want a change in your career, but really what you need is a change in your job. For instance, nurses are in a unique position since they have the ability to practice in many different settings such as an outpatient clinic, office, hospital, school or even prison. Inside of a hospital are a number of different specialty options and some nurses find their greatest satisfaction using their education to further educate others or go into research. In other words, there are options within nursing you may not have considered yet.

Are You Honest About the Assumptions You’re Making About Work?

For instance, do you believe you’re not promoted because your manager doesn’t like you or you don’t have enough education? Assumptions are really traps in which you got caught inside a vicious cycle. Because they’re not the truth, you answer the question about changing jobs based on false information.

If you’re not sure if you’re using assumptions without a basis in truth, listen for extremes in your descriptions. Psychologists warn against using words like never, always, everyone and nobody as they are red flags inside of relationships or any job situation. They often represent a statement that is an assumption and not the truth. Instead, seek out the facts, something that’s proven and tangible, in order to determine if the statement you’re making has any basis in truth.

Have You Considered the Simplest Solutions?

In other words, if you’re considering changing careers because you’re tired of nursing, are you tired of the profession or are you tired of the type of job you’ve taken? Sometimes the simplest solution is to change the type of work you’re doing without changing your career. Consider the number of years spent in your education and the number of student loans you incurred to get there. You may be able to find satisfaction working in another field in medicine, instead of getting out altogether.

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