Get Your Dream Job! Learn the Top Tips for Acing Your Next Interview

The interview process may be stressful, but by following some simple tips you’ll have everything you need to know to nail it and get the job. Not every candidate who seems perfect on paper will present themselves well. However, by preparing beforehand, you’ll be able to share facts about your experience most relevant to the position you’re interviewing for and to the people you’re meeting with. You’ll head into your interview confident and relaxed, so you can be yourself and your skills and personality will shine through.

Practice, Practice and Then Prepare — To land your dream job, you’ll want to walk or dial into an interview having practiced the answers to questions your employer is likely to ask. You should have strong, specific and concise answers that draw on examples from your experience and backup your resume. Remember, you want to answer the question being asked. Even a well-prepared response will fall flat if you don’t answer the question being asked in the interview.

It’s All About First Impressions — If your interview is in person, it starts the minute you walk in the room before you even open your mouth. If you must, practice how to walk into a room, greet others and sit down. Do everything you can to make a good first impression. This means being on time, arriving well-dressed and being aware of your body language.

Practice Your Interpersonal Skills — Ultimately, building rapport and making a personal connection increases your chances of getting hired. Employers are more likely to hire candidates they like and who they believe will be a good fit for the nursing unit.

If you are calling in for a phone interview, cutting down on long pauses, and keeping a bright and confident tone of voice can also be the key to landing a new job.

Ask Your Own Questions — However, don’t wait to ask all of them at the end of the interview. The interview process should be a discussion during which you weave your questions as they naturally come up in conversation. Often there’s a question and answer period in the end when you can ask any remaining questions that were not covered during the interview.

Just Relax — Your goal in the interview is to be relaxed and as comfortable as you can in order to allow the best you to shine through. If the interviewer offers you something to drink, take it. You’ll be talking a lot, and sipping water through the process not only gives you something to do with your hands, but it also keeps your throat lubricated.

This is Not the Time to Be Humble — Shameless self-promotion can be done well. This is the time to showcase the qualities and experiences you can bring to the nursing unit. However, this can all be done without sounding as if you’ll be the ultimate gift to the facility. Your employer is looking for someone who shows potential and can demonstrate why they are the best person to hire. In doing so, it’s important to avoid some of the common pitfalls, such as negative body language and oversharing information about your personal or professional life.

You won’t be offered a job after every interview. Even if you do everything right, the facility may choose to hire someone else. The best thing you can do is find out why in order to improve your interview skills and better your chances the next time. Your recruiter may be able to reach out to the facility to get an answer for what went on during the interview and will practice with you for the next one.

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