How to Look For a New Nursing Job While You’re Still Employed

Sometimes you are gainfully employed but interested in seeking a new position. There are ways to land a new job in nursing while you’re still employed at another facility. Job searching can be challenging when you’re doing it full-time, and it can be even more challenging while you’re working full-time. It may seem like the best of both worlds to collect a paycheck while you’re looking for a new job, but there are a few extra challenges you’ll want to account for.

Update Your Resume

Although this is not specific to finding a job in the medical profession while you still have a job, you have likely acquired new skills and possibly even a new certification since the last time you glanced at your resume. Formatting resumes has also changed in the past years, so you’ll want to update the look and content. Be sure you customize the summary at the top of the resume to the current job you’re applying for, looking for keywords in the job listing and facility website to ensure your resume and cover letter get through the automated software.

Update Your Social Media Profiles

Nursing recruiters and hiring managers will look at your LinkedIn profile when your resume shows up. Don’t wait until the last minute to make adjustments! You’ll first want to turn off notifications, so as you make updates to your profile, they are not broadcast across your network. Do not tag your profile as looking for a new job since this is a red flag for your current employer. Be sure that your listed skills are updated and consistent with what you’re doing now.

Keep Your Privacy While Job Searching

Don’t broadcast your job search in your social media accounts with your co-workers or use your work phone or work email to communicate with recruiters or hiring managers. Unless finding a new job is a common goal of you and your current boss, you’ll want to keep your activities private until you’re sure that you’re moving on. Nothing torpedoes your career faster than your boss finding out you’re looking for a new position and then deciding to stay at the hospital in the same unit. Suddenly you’re no longer a loyal employee, but someone to be passed over when potential promotions are available.

Work Your Network Connections

While it is adequate to search job postings and work with a recruiter, another strategy is to connect with your network of individuals who work at hospitals where are you are considering a position. In addition to offering you the opportunity to speak with hiring managers, they also are good references within the facility and can help get your name on the list of those their manager wants to interview.

On the other hand, do not include your current co-workers or boss as a reference. Although this may sound obvious, job seekers have made this mistake. If your potential new employer makes a call to check references before making you an offer, you sabotage yourself at your current place of business, especially if you decide not to take the offer. Reference checks are meant to be the last step in the job search and not a screening tool. So, consider protecting your personal and professional network by keeping reference names to yourself until the end of the process.

Are You Ready For Some Help Finding Your Next Job?

While it is more than possible to find your next job on your own, working with recruiters from Capital Healthcare Solutions makes the process simpler and more comfortable. In addition to this, your job search is also more private. Contact our professional recruiters today and let’s get started finding you the job of your dreams.

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