How to Quickly Fit in at Your Next Placement

The key to fitting into your new contingency staffing placement is to quickly recognize the company culture and determine how you can integrate without changing your personality. Company culture matters, and in healthcare, it may matter even more as the ability of teams to work together impacts life and death situations.

To do your job well as a per-diem nurse, you must step into a fully functional team and quickly become part of it. There’s a growing body of research to suggest hospitals and other healthcare organizations should strive to develop a company culture that emphasizes teamwork. Here are five ways you can step into your role in a new facility and hit the ground running.

Do Your Research

Before you get started, you may be able to get a sneak peek into what to expect. Your recruiter may have other nurses who have worked at this facility and can give you a heads up on the company culture. You might find videos about the company on YouTube or helpful forums where you can prepare for your first day. LinkedIn is another powerful tool to help give you a sense of your co-workers before you meet them.

Keep Moving

The less dependent you are and the less vulnerable you appear, the more accepted you become. On the flip side, be careful not to throw anyone on the team under the bus or join any clicks. If you have been assigned a mentor, listen to their advice and stick close by. They understand the lay of the land and will answer your questions so you don’t inadvertently offend anyone.

Smile, Smile, Smile

It might sound like you’re preparing for your first date, but your attitude and the smile on your face will go a long way toward making you appear open, authentic and willing to be friendly. Ask questions about those around you, appear interested and listen to what they have to say.

Lunch and Coffee

You might feel a little overwhelmed and want some time to yourself at lunch or during your break, but it’s important if someone asks, you join them for lunch or coffee. Volunteer for a project and be agreeable without being a pushover.

Get Comfortable With Feedback

Every new place you work is a teaching moment for you. You grow your experiences and your professional skills by working in different environments. Don’t feel threatened when someone criticizes how you’ve done things or suggest how you might do them differently. Instead, use a smile and laughter to lighten the mood.

Remember, you’re a short-term contingency staff employee, so it’s important not to make judgments about how the work flows at this facility or share advice about improvements. You don’t want to come across as a know-it-all! Instead, you can wait until your last day or two to share with your manager or include the information in any outgoing interview.

Chances are, you’re going to win over your teammates just doing a good job and putting a smile on your face. But it’s always good to walk into a new situation prepared and ready to go. Being a team player will always improve the chances your per diem nursing assignment will go well and you’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

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