Interview Workshop: The Best Online Prep Tools You Should Be Using

Once you’ve sent in your application with a well-polished resume, you may receive a request for an interview. You mustn’t assume this interview is a simple formality before you receive a job offer. Your hiring manager is probably interviewing several people, and your job interview is an audition. The interview is one step closer to the job and allows you to demonstrate your genuine interest and ability to be prepared.

Know The Standard Questions

To prepare for the interview, you must know the standard questions you’re likely to be asked. Your hiring manager will probably ask you to tell about yourself, your greatest weaknesses and strengths, the skills you’ve acquired and those you’d like to learn, as well as your career goals and how you feel this position fits in your career path. Knowing the answers to these questions helps you to feel prepared before you walk in the door and gives you greater confidence. All hiring managers are looking for an employee who conducts themselves with confidence.

Online Tools Help Practice Your Interview Skills

While there may be nothing better than practicing your interview skills with a friend or relative, but there are a few online tools that are designed for this purpose and will help you get started. Practicing for your interview should be part of your preparation strategy, and while you won’t be able to anticipate all of the questions, you can rehearse how you’ll respond, which improves your skills and reduces your anxiety. If you’re still a student, check with your Career Centers office as they often have this type of software available. If not, here’s a list of some web-based and mobile solutions to help you prepare.

My Interview Simulator this online interview practice tool has 46 basic questions with 85 behavioral questions in 17 categories. It’s a free program that helps you rehearse potential questions that might be asked. The system does not record your responses, but there is an audio feature that will prompt you with tips.

Quizlet At first glance, it appears to be a site designed only to help students get higher grades, but there are online interview questions set up using flashcards. Besides, you can also find tips that will help you best frame your responses for your hiring manager. The base part of the program is free, and they have a premium paid portion with 500 study guides on dozens of topics, including studying for National examinations and foreign languages. If you have a student in your home, this might be the best option for your whole family.

Udemy If your interests lie more on going through a job interview skills course, try searching through Udemy.

Interview School This is a mock interview software program that uses artificial intelligence assisted feedback and provides you with questions to help practice. The AI provides you with feedback on your confidence, tone of voice, and content. You can customize your interview from their bank of questions or write your own.

DIY – if you’re not able to find what you’re looking for to prepare for your interview, you may want to try a do-it-yourself approach, using an online video tool such a Skype or Google Hangouts. Enlist the help of a friend or family member to do the questioning and be ready and willing to accept criticism from someone you know.

Are You Ready For Your Interview?

Don’t forget, job interviews are an opportunity for you to collect information and intelligence about your new employer. This is not only a chance for your employer to see you in action but also for you to determine if this is the right fit for you. During your preparation, it’s also important to set up several questions you want to ask them to clarify any concerns you might have.

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