Looking to Diversify Your Specialties? Per Diem Nursing May Be Perfect For You

“Per Diem” is a Latin word meaning “by the day.” As a per diem contract staff nurse, you have the opportunity to work for different agencies across the city, as you aren’t hired internally, but rather on an as-needed basis to fill staffing requirements for a hospital or facility. There are a number of benefits to working as a per diem nurse, including being able to set your own schedule, work the shifts you enjoy working and pick the hospitals that best fit your needs. But, by far the most advantageous benefit of working as a per diem nurse contract staff is the ability to grow your skills.

Moving from hospital to hospital throughout the week or month allows you the opportunity to work alongside a variety of different medical specialists, learning new skills from each you can tuck into your tool belt. Since hospitals need a lot of personnel to get the job done, they often use per diem nurses to fill in the gaps when the patient load fluctuates. It’s difficult to plan staffing for a large facility when the number of patients filling the beds is not constant. Using a consistent group of per diem contract staff nurses helps the organization keep costs down.

As a result, you’ll be given the option of working with patients who need different types of medical and nursing care. When you find a specialty that interests you, work with your staffing agency for placement on those units at hospitals in your area. This increases your experience in a variety of facilities, and grows your own expertise as you discover different methods used across the area. Being able to pick and choose hospitals that are highly respected in your new area of care interest is yet another benefit of working as a per diem nurse.

As you make strategic choices in your working assignments, this ensures growth in your expertise in your new specialty, making you an enticing professional if you decide to move from per diem contract staffing to a permanent employer. This also gives you the opportunity to receive glowing references from several hospitals in your new chosen specialty, demonstrating to a new employer your ability to be flexible across different platforms.

If your goal is to diversify your nursing specialty, take advantage of any in-house education hospitals offer to their staff to grow their skills. If an inservice isn’t yet publicized, speak with the unit’s education coordinator to determine if one is on the horizon and if you can participate. You may not be able to work the unit that day, but if you have a good relationship with the coordinator, they may see the value in advancing your education to help their hospital.

An additional benefit to working as a per diem contract staff nurse is the ability to grow your cultural competency. In one of the more vulnerable times in a patient’s life, it helps lower stress when their caregivers have an awareness of their cultural needs. With changing locations and assignments, you are in a unique position to grow your cultural awareness at greater speed, thus increasing your value to future employers and the satisfaction and peace of your patients.

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