Stay Sharp: How a Career in Per Diem Nursing Can Keep You on the Cutting Edge of Medical Knowledge

Hospitals require a large number of people to get the job done, using per diem nurses to cover staffing needs that may vary on a week-to-week basis. While per diem nursing may be challenging, there are a number of reasons for choosing this exciting field, not the least of which are experiences that keep you on the cutting edge of medical knowledge and make you more attractive to future employers. Technology and medicine are racing at warp speeds, and if you don’t keep up, you’re left in the dust.

Keep Up With a Changing Field

At some point, you may choose to put your career on hold to meet family obligations, care for aging parents or just take some time away from work. In this case, working several per diem nursing shifts each month can help keep your skills current and growing.

If you’ve taken a position away from bedside nursing in education or management, it’s probably not possible to work several shifts on your home unit. In this case, picking up several per diem nursing shifts can help you gain valuable insights across several organizations and stay current on the issues faced by the nurses you manage or educate.

Experience at More Than One Hospital

Knowledge is built through experience, and nothing builds experience like working at several different hospitals. Working across several organizations improves your flexibility, critical thinking skills and ability to work with a variety of patients and staff.

New Knowledge Makes You More Likely to Be Hired.

Working several per diem nursing shifts may help you make a decision about changing specialties before diving into extra education or permanently joining a unit you find is not what you expect. For instance, if your specialty is medical/surgical nursing but you’d like to move to mother/child, working several shifts can help you decide if this is a good move and over time gives you experience a new manager will be glad you have.

Work/Life Balance Improves Your Health.

As a per diem nurse, you have the opportunity to be flexible with your work/life balance. Although it may appear to be a benefit for your personal life, this balance also affects your professional life and ability to quickly and efficiently learn new skills. Stress, lack of sleep and a poor balance between your home and professional life negatively impact your ability to work well with others and reduce your ability to have a positive impact on the lives of your patients.

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