How the Opioid Epidemic Can Impact Your Nursing Career

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 130 people in the U.S. die every day from overdosing on opioids. Misuse and addiction include prescription pain relievers such as Oxycontin, as well as street drugs, such as heroin and synthetic opioid such as Fentanyl. This serious national epidemic affects economic welfare, public health,…

The Gravity of the Opioid Epidemic – Part 5: A Mother’s Perspective Continued

“Although you think this can’t happen to you, it can. I was a very involved parent. But, there is a point when the outside influences in life can overwhelm everything good you have done. And, although you set a good foundation for you child, the power

The Gravity of the Opioid Epidemic – Part 4: A Mother’s Perspective

When looking at the addicts involved in the opioid epidemic, one thing we should never forget is that each person battling addiction is someone’s son or daughter, and behind many of them is a parent who is living in agony, praying for the day when their b

The Gravity of the Opioid Epidemic – Part 3: A Counselor and Wife’s Perspective

For every addict out there, there is a loved one who is trying desperately to save them, while feeling lonely, judged, and terrified. Many of these loved ones are spouses whose visions of a near perfect life with their husband or wife came crashing down

The Gravity of the Opioid Epidemic – Part 2: A Nurse’s Perspective

Out of everyone observing the opioid epidemic firsthand, one could make the argument that nurses and the loved ones of addicts see the rawest and most heartbreaking side of it. This nurse has had both the unfortunate and fortunate honor of playing both r

The Gravity of the Opioid Epidemic – Part 1: A Pharmacist’s Perspective

For this blog series, I am traveling down a road that may seem uncomfortable to some, but what I hope will be eye-opening and honest for many. There are many spokes in the wheel of the opioid epidemic, and what the pharmacist sees and experiences each da