Top 5 Things You Didn’t Learn in Nursing School You’ll Need to Know for Your Career

Nursing is a rewarding career, both personally and professionally. After spending years at school, you might think you’re ready to step into the working world and grow an amazing professional career. However, there will be things you didn’t learn at school that are absolutely necessary for you to become tops in your field. Here is a fresh perspective on essential strategies.

Prioritization and Time-Management Skills — Studying for five finals and holding down a part-time job may help you manage your time well over a 24-hour span. However, time is a little bit more critical over an eight-hour shift as you’re balancing the needs of your patients, other healthcare professionals and your own growing hunger and sore feet. Most new nurses are a little overwhelmed at first, and this may contribute to a sense you’ve chosen the wrong career. Stay steady! Learning how to cluster care and multitask will soon become second nature. The trick is to learn these skills intentionally so it happens more quickly.

Managing Emotions — Patient care may be an emotionally challenging experience. Things can and will change quickly. Your ability to respond immediately and with confidence is a skill you will learn over time. It’s important to learn to trust your gut feelings and at the same time try to maintain an objective attitude. For instance, the first time you handle difficult patients and family members or encounter death on your shift can be overwhelming. It’s safe to say, even the most experienced nurse may say or do the wrong things that affect patients or their families on a personal level. Injury, illness, and disease affect people indiscriminately. You’ll run into as many pleasant patients as you do those who are angry and irritable out of fear and frustration. Your ability to manage your emotions will reduce the amount of stress you and your patients experience.

Dedicate Time to Other Activities — While in school, it was easy to separate nursing education with personal time with friends. However, once in the workforce, when you are working 40 plus hours a week and balancing that against time off, friends and family, it may be challenging to find a way to decompress and reduce your stress. Stress builds up in your body faster than you might think, and is expressed in physical and emotional ways. It’s absolutely necessary for you to find a way to get rid of stress that works for you. It will make you a better nurse and a better person.

Finding Help and Support — Once you’re working consistently, you’ll find that your co-workers become your family. Like family, you will laugh and cry together because no one else will be better at understanding what you’re experiencing. Your team becomes an invaluable asset. No one person is expected to know everything, so it’s important to always ask for help. You’ll become the expert in some things and your co-workers will be expert in others.

Find a Good Mentor — Your mentor should be kind, supportive and patient with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. However, your mentor does not have to be a co-worker. Instead, it should be someone who understands the journey you’re about to take and can offer advice and support along the way.

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