Top 5 Websites Where Nurses Can Find Advice

It was once difficult for nurses to interact with other nurses who didn’t work at their facility or in their immediate geographical area. But, with the phenomenal growth of the internet and a growing number of resources online, it has become much easier to connect with other health professionals and grow from your shared experiences.

However, before you dive into the first forum or community you find, evaluate it to ensure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Communities that are most helpful will promote collaboration and offer support to new and experienced nurses. While the size of the forum may offer a wide range of individuals with whom to communicate, if the moderators and owner do not carefully contain rants and gripe sessions, communication can quickly deteriorate, as can the quality of information you are exposed to. Here’s a list of five online community resources for nurses who are looking for a supportive environment and an opportunity to share their experiences. 

This community is privately owned and operated and has been online since 1994. It’s a forum where users need to register to create new topics or engage in conversations. The forum provides a support network and the ability for nurses to exchange career-related information. The site does have advertising, some of which is job postings. They claim over 900,000 registered members and have a Facebook fan page with over 400,000 likes. 

While not a website where you can interact with others, it’s owned by the American Nurses Association and offers a wide range of information on topics to help grow your career and explore additional credentialing, practices and ethics. These are topics you can bring into other nursing forums to spark debate.

This online forum is run by a CPR training company. Set up a free account and connect with nurses from around the country who are talking about nosocomial infections, taking surveys and discussing certifications. 

This is the website for the National League for Nursing which is a smart place to turn when you’re looking to advance your nursing career. The site promotes excellence in education and the network of opportunities, professional development and testing services you can use to further your career for people in all trajectories from clinical to administrative and leadership. A running offering of news and information, as well as programs and activities,  keep you up to date with what’s happening and what’s available. 

Lippincott created this site by nurses and for nurses as a destination in information about continuing education and access to over 50 peer-reviewed nursing journals. Social media outlets, a blog section, and a membership area offer nurses in all arenas trustworthy news and resources they can use to further their education and get up to speed in their career.

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