Why Choosing The Right Nursing Job is Important for Your Long Term Career Goals

Is nursing a job or a career move for you? Another question you might ask yourself is, where do you see yourself in 5 years? This isn’t just a question you’ll be answering for hiring managers but should be asking yourself as the answers will drive your choice of positions and determine your desire to advance your career or education.

Have A Clear Vision Of Your Future

Before you can determine the right job or position, you’ll need an understanding and clear vision of your future. In other words, you need to take a few minutes to identify your motivation and aspirations that may or may not include nursing. Your position at work can be a starting point for something great or a means to a paycheck. If your ultimate goal is earning a living, the position you choose to take may not be as important as if you see nursing as a career. Neither choice is right or wrong, but it’s a choice you need to make.

Be Purposeful in Your Job Choice

Successful management of your nursing career does not happen by accident but rather is a deliberate process that requires your self-appraisal. Besides, it will be important that you maintain a network of nursing colleagues, pay close attention to developing trends in healthcare delivery, and demonstrate the ability to improve your skills and balance your working life. Although the latter may not seem as important to growing your career, without a good work-life balance, you’ll quickly burn out and be unable to continue.

How Important Is Getting the Right Job?

In your nursing career, landing the right position will help you to move forward in your professional development. Too often, as a fresh graduate out of nursing school, you may have a general idea of the track you would like to take – administration or clinical – but may accept a nursing position without a view to the future. As in any other field, the foundation you build will help create your future career development.

However, even if you feel like you haven’t been working in the perfect position to grow your career, there are still steps you can take to bloom where you are planted to help move you forward. For instance, growing a network of professionals who can assist in your professional development or career growth is something you can do in any job you hold. Whether you volunteer to work to serve on a committee, get involved in a local professional organization, or work with your supervisor on a special project, each of these can be accomplished no matter what job you hold and look great on your resume.

What Makes a Quality Nursing Job?

As you consider your current job or moving to another, contemplate these principles that identify a quality work experience.

Access – You’ll have access to opportunities that advance your career or help you network with others. In other words, the job will remove barriers and help you transition to the next level.

Flexibility – When your position allows you to gain additional experience outside of what would normally be acquired, it gives you additional flexibility to vary your resume and meet your needs as you move forward. Sometimes, this means accepting floating positions to units that stretch your comfort zone, and at other times it means seeking out projects or committees to add to your resume

Protection – A quality job will mean you’re working under quality management who have the best interest and safety of their staff at heart. Although it’s sometimes challenging to work within a set of boundaries, these only protect yourself and others.

When you accept a quality position, it improves your job satisfaction level, which is a key part of enjoying work and getting the most from it. Your job is an integral part of your day and meaningful to your career development. By seeking out the best position in the current time, you open yourself up to greater opportunities in the future

Are You Ready to Find the Right Job?

We can help you define your career goals and then find the right job to boost your professional development. Why wait one more day to put your future on track? Contact our professional recruiter today, and we’ll get started helping you create a plan for your success.

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