Your Diet Is Important! Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Diet With a Hectic Schedule

The food you eat is a foundational pillar to maintaining optimal health. As a nurse, it’s easy to get caught up in a hectic schedule between work and home, completely forgetting your own nutritional needs. However, this type of eating habit will soon catch up with you, often leading to a greater number of colds, feelings of fatigue and even increase your risk of burnout. When you’re busy at work, home and enjoying new opportunities, healthy eating habits may become secondary. Although you may solve the problem of being hungry by grabbing the first bite you can, this habit comes with health concerns. There are a number of simple ways you can make eating a healthy diet easy when your schedule is hectic.

Keep Your Meals Simple 

Healthy meals do not have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes the simplest meals are the healthiest. Steer clear of pre-packaged, ultra-processed foods that are exceptionally low in nutrition and high in empty calories. Instead, grab whole foods you can eat on the go or combine into simple healthy meals. For instance, an apple and peanut butter makes an easy, yet healthy and filling lunch that doesn’t require much packing in the morning. By cooking several pieces of meat one night, you may use them for several meals. For instance, cooking three chicken breasts gives you three dinners. The first night, roast vegetables and top chicken and vegetables with Parmesan cheese. The second night tosses the chicken with lettuce and vegetables to make a caesar salad. On the third night, finish the chicken and roasted vegetables. You’ve now cooked only one night and had meals for three.

Set Up Pre-Proportioned Snacks 

It’s easy to get hungry when you’ve missed a meal and then grab something from a vending machine that only makes you feel worse afterward. Pre-proportion snacks at the beginning of the week to help avoid overeating or grabbing junk food. For instance, you can make your own trail mix by combining raw cashews, almonds and pumpkin seeds into small Ziplock bags. These are high in protein and healthy fats and will provide you with a quick burst of energy.

Stay Hydrated 

Although you may like to drink coffee to stay energized, water will ensure your body is able to get rid of toxins and keep your cells well hydrated. Although coffee is not unhealthy, water is healthier. Consider using a medium-sized water bottle you can refill throughout the day. This makes it easier to drink in the car on the way into work, on the way home and at lunch.

Plan Your Menu 

It’s easy to come home after a long shift and look through the refrigerator for the quickest thing to make. However, you will eat healthier and feel better if you plan your menu and do your grocery shopping from that. Put your planned menu on your calendar so each day you know exactly what you’re going to make and you don’t have to think about it.

Don’t Forget the Crockpot 

Setting up meals in the crockpot is simple and easy. Most have removable interiors, so you can set up the meal the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. Transfer to the heating unit right before you go to work and switch it on. Eight hours later, your meal is hot and ready to eat. There are hundreds of crockpot recipes for people who love chicken, beef, pork, and even vegetarian meals.

Think About Delivery

Sometimes, in a hectic life, it’s difficult to get cooking and shopping done. Consider having your groceries delivered so you have time to cook a healthy meal. There are several services and many grocery stores that offer this.

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